Just hanging in my doggie cave waiting on my dinner! 


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Treat Please! 

As I wait patiently for my treat, I wonder what takes the human sooo long. We dogs just don’t get it! 😀


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We are ready for spring & new beginnings! May 2016 be a wonderful year for you and your family!


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Poor Joey – its been a rough year for us. We lost both of our best friends and we are grieving together. He loved Ginger – she was the love of his life! She adored Joey and gave him wet kisses every day. And Toby was Joey’s go to buddy to hang out with. But I know they are both in a better place and no longer suffering.

We will see you on the other side at Rainbow Bridge. Mommy misses you.


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My Poor Toby

My poor dog , he has been through so much. Blood tests X-rays and now he hurt his paw. He has been to the vet many times, and the emergency animal hospital. He can’t go for walks anymore at 10 years old. I feel so bad for my Toby!

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Winter Dread

We humans at least most of us really are not fond of winter, but my Eskimo dogs are! They can’t wait to roll around in the first snowfall! They will gladly rub their noses and bellies in the fluffy white stuff!

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Time For Our Shots – Ouch!

Life is really exciting these days. We had to get our shots which we absolutely hate to do. We knew something was up when Mom put us in the car- all three of us! Wow what an adventure! The vet is always so happy to see us, well of course they are.

Now we can get back to a normal day of sleeping and eating.

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Another Lazy Day

Mom took Joey for a car ride today to petco. Ginger and I were left out but we know it’s hard for Mom to handle the three of us at one time in the car. We really don’t behave! When Joey came home we sniffed him and we are jealous! But he left his scent behind, I just wish it was me!

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Ginger is eleven now and her hotspot has returned. I have tried the cone, and wrapping her leg with a sock. I took her to the vet again and they said she needs prozac for her anxiety. I finally decided to try the Prozac which really did help her. Poor thing has to take Prozac!

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Dog Days of Winter!

It’s that time of year again when we start to hybernate indoors and dream about spring. I noticed my dogs going through stages of this too! They are acting more tired and uninterested in any form of exercise. Oh sure the daily walk is fine but anything after dinner forget about it! They are down for the count, you would think they put in a hard day at the office!

I also noticed since we changed the clocks they still have not adjusted. They are looking for dinner at 4:00 – it puzzles me how that has affected them. How do you tell a dog that’s scraping his bowl at 4:00 that he needs to wait another hour.

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